Sunday, October 30, 2005

Weekend Away

Hiya's, Well I'm back home, been away for the weekend down to Plynouth, visiting Andy's Mum Dad, I will cover all this in new Pod and Video Cast to come later this week, as well as my latest Rant over the 3 mobile network and Lube! so I need the next few days to catch up on all the Pod casts I have Missed. nice to be back home though.
Gizmo - ukbob1963 -
Take Care everyone, Bob xx

Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Bath Cast

It's Pod Cast 7, Just a Quick Cast this one. It was going to be called shopping with Bob, Out and about chating whilst shopping, alas it didnt come out so I did A quick Replacement, so this is a Bath Cast, Scrub a dub dub one man in a tub. whispering, not sure why!
Gizmo - ukbob1963 -
Take Care everyone, Bob xx

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Anyone For Tea And Popcorn

Video Cast 3, Tea & Popcorn. Well what can one say, I decided to have a lazy day at home being my day off, so I'd thought I would catch up on my Pod/Video cast I needed to lsiten thats what I did all morning and laughed my pants off on some of them. thank you all, so afther that I needed to make some tea and have some popcorn. It does mix honist!
Take Care everyone, Bob xx

Monday, October 24, 2005

As It Says On The Box

It's Pod Cast 6, I talk about- My Video cast, new Family member, The managers that haven't a clue. Eurovision 50th, A blast from the past, and I'v Got Mail! with a few other things.
Im on Gizmo now, if it all works - ukbob1963

Something is wrong with my feed

This is just a test really something has gone wrong with my feed, so im posting my last vid cast again to see if it was just a fluke or soming like that, as I tunes didnt pick it up?
Ill be working on a new podcast again today or tomorrow so keep and eye out..

Take care Bob

Repeat Video Cast 2 Just like the BBC

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Portsmouth The Place To Be......Not

Video Cast 2. Right Click save as. This is a short Video, 10 mins of a quick tour round a small part of Portsmouth I did this morning, just for the fun of it, and with a quick edit n stuff. Not alot I can say about it really, just bits of ranting again. and some nice views, if there are any in Portsmouth. I should stop being negative about Portsmouth really. any how Enjoy I hope.
P.S I dont think Im going to lots of video cast as they are Huge files and will kill my Bandwith and storage space.
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Tacke Care Bob xx

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Now You Can See Me!! Video cast No.1

Well he it is Vidcast No.1.(Right Click, save target as, is the best way). Its more of a test really to see if i get everything works ok.
Its mainly a short intro by me(scary) and a music video, I did back in 1999 of old Video and cine fotage. so the quality is not brill. and I have just notice that the audio is slightly louder on the music Video after the intro. it took ages to do all the rendering so too late now :)
anyhow hpe you find this of interest, and feedback is alway good. Blog link Webpage link

take care xxxBob

Has It Been That Long!

Its Number 5!
Bit of a delay from last one. I'll explain all on Pod cast, Nothing really interesting though.
Talking points and the odd Rant.
Portsmouth Tower Finaly open! Crusing and Cottages, Out part 2ish and a bit of mumberling, and a intro music type thing, cut down from my promo which is toooo long.
Thanks for listerning, if you do! If not thanks for reading.
Take care Bob xx

Monday, October 03, 2005

In memory Of Bob

I would Like to thank everyone who gave me feedback form my Forth Pod Cast " in Memory Of Bob"
As Im not going to able to do a Pod Cast for a week, Due to work comitments, And didnt want to leave it that long to send out my thanks, I thought I would do a posting to say how much I appreciated Your Support and comments.
Many thanks Bob xx

Saturday, October 01, 2005

My first atempt at a promo thing!

I after I did my last pod cast I felt a bit low, so I sat and had ago at making a sort of promo sort of thing, comments welcome :)