Friday, February 24, 2006

Pod cast 32, I still remember that age!

It's Pod Cast 32 I talk about- Not in the right order, It snowed not that great but is a big deal down her in the south!, We are running out of water, Tiger reviewed me on the PizzaBabe show, Why I hate someone at work, Cordless phones, are they good or bad, Portsmouth has it's first country park, how did they manadge that? Dog Napping, and I dont mean sleeping
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Take Care , Hugs, Bob x


Blogger Tigger said...

Thanks Bob for the kind words. I meant every word I said in my review. I was just glad you were able to get past my cat, Solomon, hacking up a hair-ball. He had to do it right when I started to record the review. And he can be rather loud when he does it.

Glad to hear that Andy will be returning to us with another Eurovision Fest podcast. He makes me want to be European.

Love ya, Bob


11:10 am  
Blogger PizzaBabe said...

Awwww your too adorable Bob! Im so glad he reviewed your show! Thank you so much for the mention on your show..and Hello!

3:56 pm  

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