Friday, February 17, 2006

The Unofficial, Official Eurovision Podcast.

It's Pod Cast 30 I talk about- As promised, It's nearly time for that yearly camp Erovision Song Contest. and this show is special becouse Andy my lovley boyfriend take's part!! It took alot of work to get him on, and oh yes a chocolate doughnut! Andy gives a history of the Eurovison with sound clips just to get you in the mood. We need your feed back to make this one work. We will keep you posted of any updates or developments....I bet you cant wait!!!
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Take Care , Hugs, Bob x


Anonymous Catherine said...

Hey Bob & Andy:

The wedding updates are great but do tell, have you decided on a first song yet?

I've just added Des and I to your Frappa map but shock, horror it shows us as living in Surrey. Please, please, please don't let any of your friends think we live in Surrey, I went for Vancouver but it doesn't show unless you zoom in.

This tag team podcast was fantastic, I closed my eyes and it was like you were back in our home again. I miss you both so much! Would love to send you a pound of Canadian smoked salmon for your EuroVision party if you would like, and maybe some little Canadian flags to decorate the serving dish with. My evil plan, that way there will be something of Canada there with you even if we can't be. Let me know what you think of the idea.

Take care tender hearts and hopefully we will speak soon!

Love you!

Des & Catherine

1:46 am  
Anonymous Des said...

It's not true... no one ACTUALLY listens to the EuroVision in the UK... it's just Woganittes supporting the 200 year old Irish presenter hahahahaha

Great Podcast... and dedicated to such a nice guy too hehehehe

Hey Andy great to hear you on a podcast.

Des & Catherine
(Vancouver Canada)

12:29 pm  
Blogger Tigger said...

What a great podcast!

Welcome Andy...and come by more often!

Whew! Well now I know probably everything I need to know about Eurovision. Thank you, Andy, for that very well spoken and very informative introduction to us Yanks, here in Athens, Alabama....

Great podcast. My vote is for Song-1. This song is getting quite a bit of airplay here in the States.

Well..I don't quite an American style Eurovision would do over here. I mean, what kind of a song are you gonna get out of Idaho or Montana? Scary, to say the least. It seems that New York, California and Florida would have a clear advantage due mainly to its population pools and it large influences on the Entertainment industries.

Maybe it could be the state in which you were born....that might work.

Anyways Andy...don't be a stranger. It was good to know you exist.

8:18 am  
Anonymous EurovisionFan said...


You can find all Eurovision lyrics at


4:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes it's true, Canada has voted!



9:26 pm  
Blogger Zillafag said...

How about Athens Ohio?
They have had some great riots during thier Halloween party!

3:56 am  

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