Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Andy & Bob's No.50! - Eurovision Grande Finale!

Its Podacst No.50! - “GOOD EVENING EUROPE & LISTENERS AROUND THE WORLD!” Welcome – Bienvenu – Wilkommen – Bienvenido – Valkommen! Welcome to Andy & Bob’s Eurovision Pod Cast Grande Finale! Over the past few weeks, juries from the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom have been eliminating songs from this year’s Eurovision to get their 13 favourite songs! The 13 finalists have now been chosen and you here you can watch the music video’s of our finalists – Romania, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Moldova, Belarus. Poland, Monaco, Turkey, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland and Bosnia Herzegovina. For the videos of Belarus and Poland you need to download them from our server to watch them. Andy & Bob present this Eurovision Blog Final in the style of Eurovision itself to give our listeners the Eurovision experience!!! Right Click and Save As to ListenTo vote, download the voting card here and return it to jury@andy-bob.com no later than the 30th April so that all votes from national juries can be counted and verified. There will be another special Eurovision Pod Cast on 1st May for the full results of all the national juries’ votes to determine the Winner of Andy & Bob’s 1st Eurovision Blog Song Contest! Enjoy The Show – Enjoy this Wonderful Musicfest! Have Fun! Email Website Here Take Care Bob and Andy xx


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(That's me screamin' like a girlie!!!)

Bob & Andy:

You are quite simply amazing!!!!! I thought you had hit the pinacle of pod casts prior to #50 but I was wrong, this is it my friends, this is it!

I loved everything about this pod cast except for the fact that it ended, I could have listened quite literally for hours.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I know you have shared something very special and very personal with everyone and it is much appreciated.

How wonderful you both are!

Love you!!!!!

(still screamin' like a girlie!!!!!)

3:21 am  

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