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A Right Royal Eurovision - Happy Birthday Ma'am!!!

Its Podacst No.49 - Welcome to this Queen Elizabeth Birthday Special Eurovision Elimination round! Happy 80th Birthday Ma'am from Andy & Bob! Send our lovely Queen a Happy Birthday via the web page . In this pod cast, we take a look at at some eurovision gossip as well as our usual current news item for this year's contest in Athens. Our featured topic of Winners of Eurovision through the decades focusses on the 00's!!! We carefully tweek your recent memory cells and review the winners of Eurovision for the years of 2003, 2004 and 2005. We talk about facts that will help you pick a Eurovision winner. This is our final elimination pod cast before our Grande Finale as we take a stroll through the ex-soviet nations of Moldova, Ukraine and the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia!!!As usual we want your points out of 10 for each of those entries and your fabulously funny comments please! We discuss what will happen in our Grande Finale and how to vote for your chosen songs a la eurovision mode!!! So tune in on the 25th April to listen to and vote for your favourite songs of our Grande Eurovision Finale and see if you can pick a winner!!! Right Click and Save As to Listen Email Website Here Take Care Bob and Andy xx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Bob & Andy:

Happy birthday Your Majesty from a very loyal Canadian Royalist! Your entire reign has been a study in grace and dignity, may you enjoy many more years!

Wow this was a long pod cast gentlemen, just full of information! I am just loving the whole EuroVision experience and will be "screamin' like a girlie" on the night!

The retrospectives were very interesting this time, very polished and perfect which is what we have come to expect in this day and age. Have to say I think the ones I enjoyed the most were from the 60's, it was captivating watching the archival footage!

2003 - Every Way That I Can
Oh ya honey, I'm sure!
This stage show had everything
- scantily clad women
- bitch fighting
- girl on girl action
- women in bondage
- belly dancing
No wonder it was a winner!

2004 - Wild Dances (with wolves)
This was big in the clubs then?
I thought there was a limit to the number of people an entrant can have on stage, or did some movie extras from Star Trek get lost and end up at EuroVision?

2005 - My Number One
Sexy girl, sexy guys...something for everyone!

And now (Bob your drum roll please...)

Canada votes:

England - 10+++++++
Go Daz go!!!!!

Moldova - 5.2
So, lyrics aside, it had a good beat, great mix of ethnicities, excellent voice.
Many countries have laws against what the lyrics are suggesting but this is EuroVision eh?

Ukraine - 7.7
Great voice, fantastic mix of tempos, good match of music to vocal ability.
Very sexy with the strong beat throughout.
It is the perfect wink, wink, nudge, nudge music.
Boys, I can't believe you aren't taking the mickey over the "show me your love" lyrics!!!!!


Macedonia - 6.7
Exotic, good beat, interesting instrumentation.
Was she teaching people to count??
Playing does he love me, does he not???
Calling an ambulance???
Andy you are the polyglot, do tell!

Okay gentlemen, it is time for me to become one with my pillow, this has only been a two day week but I'm wiped out!

Hope all is well there, looking forward to catching up with you on MSN Messenger soon!

Love you both very, very much!

(Screamin' Like A Girlie for Daz At EuroVision 2006!!!)

7:56 am  
Blogger Zillafag said...

Not bad at all but the main girl can not sing live to well.

Now this one was fun but I would call it Ethno Rock!
This song to me can open it all up for Lordi to shock the Eurovision World.

Is that Madoner?

I like the chick belting out her one part... that rocked but the guy looked like he got run over by a he does have a sexy voice.
And it is a bit of rapping in it so trying to steal the rap power from Daz
rating: 7.9

Oh gross I call this Ethno Puke or Techno Disco Puke.
Oh I am so nice!!
I just do not know why but I just can not stand this song at all it just grinds me.
rating: 3.5

Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia
I now know I officially want all Ethno Pop songs made illeagel : )
Maybe I should give this song more votes as it was the last one?
rating: 5.0

6:37 am  
Blogger Tigger said...

Tigger's Eurovision 2006 Song Scoring Card
Scale: 1-10 (Ten being best)
Representing Country: USA (West Coast!)

Song #1 - Moldova
Tigger Score = 5.4

Song #2 - Ukraine
Tigger Score = 3.7

Song #3 - Portugal
Tigger Score = 6.0

5:39 am  
Blogger Tigger said...

CORRECTION...THE LAST SCORE OF 6.0 SHOULD BE FOR: Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, NOT PORTUGAL.

5:41 am  
Blogger Tigger said...

Sorry about the quick post above, but I went out last night and was not sure if I would be able to come back and vote.

So, I'm back...time for the comments.

But, before I do that, I would like to formally send my most sincere and heartfelt birthday wishes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Happy Birthday Queen Mum from America.

On to my comments.

Song #1: Moldova
Tigger Score: 5.4

I hear Ricky Martin again??? I am beginning to think Eurovsion is all about sounding like ABBA or Ricky Martin. This was a good song. It had a good vibe going on there. But still there. I liked the female voice, Bob!

Bob is all about those sexy male voices.

Song #2: Ukraine
Tigger Score: 3.7

Bad gay club music!. That's what it sounds like to me. This is what us Yanks call...bad Europop music. Sounds like like a million other songs played in gay clubs all over the World.

Song #3: Macedona (not Portugal...I was in a hurry there with my cut and pasting)
Tigger Score: 6.0

Sexy song with a very good groove going on there. I like the girl's voice. Chorus is a little catchy as well. I like the guys voice too.

Great ending!


Andy and Bob...let me tell you thank you for giving us, the listeners such wonderful Eurovision Casts. I have enjoyed them so much. This has been so much fun.

Thanks again for all your hard work, guys.


7:57 am  
Anonymous P90x Home Workout said...

This was a good song. It had a good vibe going on there. But still there. I liked the female voice, Bob!
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11:45 am  

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