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Andy & Bob's No.52 - The Eurovision Blog Site Grande Finale Results Show!!!

Andy N Bob No.52 In this Pod Cast, we announce the Winner of our Eurovision Blogspot Song Contest and broadcast the Results from the International Juries who voted in true Eurovision style in our Eurovision Grande Finale, which featured 13 finalists chosen over the past 2 months through elimination rounds by our North American and Canadian Juries! We give you the results in true Eurovision style and to join in with the interactive experience and to feel the tension of the voting process just like at Eurovision, download the interactive Scorecard here. As the results are given, put the votes onto the scoreboard and let the scoreboard do the rest for you! A truely magical and exciting way to see the votes unfold before your very eyes!!! So, the winner is................................................feel free to comment, Email us or Visit our Website Take care XX Andy N Bob XX P.S If you don't want to know who won before you listen, Do Not Read The Comments


Blogger Tigger said...

Wow...what a wonderful ending to such a great series. Thank you, Bob & Andy for all the time and effort that you put in to all of this.

The Eurovision Cast series was so much fun. It was so entertaining and educational. You were a good teacher, Andy.

Where do I pick up my Eurovision U. diploma?

The interactive score card was so clever. The points were getting so close...all the way to the finish. And what a finish it was!

Congratulations Germany! Name your group after an American state, and you're sure to win! Just kidding, everybody. You would never want to name yourself after Texas. It was a great song, though. Germany's win was well deserved.

Thanks Andy, for creating (another Excel masterpiece) score card. The interactive voting made the last show so exciting.

Well guys...great job. I hope there will be a Second Annual Eurovision Cast Contest next year. I guess I need to start working on the American Eurovision Song Contest Podcast or Andy will crack his Eurovison whip over my back.


8:36 am  
Blogger Andy & Bob's said...

Thank You Tigger, Belive it or not Andy has listened loads of time's to this one, I think he hopes it will change and the UK win, LOL Glad you enjoyed the show, it was a nigtmare to put together

11:47 am  
Blogger Avarielle said...

Nice Blog :)

11:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys

Just listened to the podcast, a great show! I was delighted that my 2 fave songs from this year came 1st and 2nd! These 2 songs, when I heard them first months ago, I didn't want to like them but I think they are excellent! They have something for everyone! I am really enjoying lots of other songs too, but I hope it's either the turn of Germany or UK on 20 May. At the moment, I hope it will be Daz holding the trophy but I will be very happy if Germany wins also! I was very surprised at the popularity of Moldova, I personally find it very annoying but I guess it's modern!

Anyway, well done for all the hard work and hope you guys enjoy both 18th and 20th!


1:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Andy & Bob,

Thank you very much for this spectacular way of presenting the results. I really enjoyed your show, and I want to thank you for making such an effort; even the authentic English/French presentation. Well done, and keep up the good work.

Yours sincerely,


1:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to get my PC laptop that had Excel on it to use the scorecard and went out and bought some wine and cheese and crackers to listen to the show.
Was bummed that My Lordi did so poorly but very surprised that Germany pulled it out.
I mean country music is so USA and I thought everyone hated us?
And UK with Daz had a 20 point lead man i thought they were the run away winner.
My wine was from Chile the cheese from France and my computer of course was from China so I made it a international event!
Thanks so Much for the fun and talk at ya guys later!
kiss kiss

1:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi guys,
i'm listening to this podcast at work today (tue), and it is FANTASTIC.

What a great effort you've put in doing this. It sounds soooo amazing. Love the French bits too.
oh, reminds me of England so much.

all of my friends are married with babies now, but I'm going to have the Eurvision SC party anyway - even if i am the only person there!!

I've tried to recommend your podcast - but most of them didn't know what a podcast was. urgh.

thanks again for all your hard work, and production professionalism in your podcasts!!


7:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Danke, danke, danke!!!!

Es wurde aber auch Zeit, dass Deutschland mal den Grand Prix de la Chanson de l'Eurovision gewinnt (It is about time that Germany finally won the Eurovision Song Contest)! Well, I do hope that Europe will vote for the excellent song "No No Never..." Of course, Texas Lightning certainly are climbing on the bandwagon of the country hype: "Brokeback mountain", "Walk the Line" etc.
Unfortunately I am living in Germany (well, I am German so imagine me writing with a German accent), so I cannot cast my vote for Texas Lightning. Let's not forget that Germany wasn't lucky last year: I think Gracia got approximately 2-5 points (I am trying very hard to forget!) and came second to last...

However, well done you, danke für diese tolle Show!


P.S.: Great German pronunciation!

8:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

England - 10+++++++++

Hello Bob & Andy:

What an absoultely fantastic podcast guys, the perfect wrap up to the whole EuroVision experience. I can only imagine how many hours you both spent on this offering but your investment of hours has paid off as this pod cast was wonderful!

I am thrilled about what I have just listened to but sad as well, I can't believe it is all but over now. I have loved listening to your EuroVision podcasts and will miss them but there is always next year eh?

Now, on to the topic of the winner, I am happy for Germany and their win but of course I am also sad for Daz and his great song coming second. I will keep my fingers crossed that on the night the score count might be a little different and Daz will be celebrating a win!!!!!

Tigger, thank you for digging for that web address so that we can all watch the EuroVision show, I have already marked it as a favourite and am looking forward to watching the show.

Thank you once again to Bob and Andy for all your hard work, you two are truly gems!

Love you!


5:17 am  
Blogger aa said...


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