Monday, May 01, 2006

Andy N Bob No.51- I Can't Belive It's Not Eurovision!

Andy N Bob No.51 Just A quickish podcast really, WE, Yes WE Talk about a quick Eurovision update, Priests getting married, A quick Wedding update, and I let andy get on his soap box to rip into the Labour Party, so this is just a teaser till the next EUROVISION podcast, Coming a Blogg Site near you soon... Please feel free to comment, Email us or Visit our Website Take care XX Andy N Bob XX


Blogger Tigger said...

Well, it is clear to hear that Andy does not like the Labor Party. Funny it is...the Labor Party is similar to the Democratic Party in the States.

The GOP Party, or Republicans, are conservative by nature and now a majority of Americans want them out of power. The Labor Party are England's liberal party and a majority of Brits want them out of power. So funny how two countries can be so alike and different at the same time.

Good show. NIce to take a little Eurovision break, heh Bob? Looking forward to the big show at the end of the week.

Take care guys.



9:39 am  
Anonymous scott said...

I've found the broadcast info for Eurovision down-under....

channel: SBS

Prelim Friday 19 May, 8:30pm

Final Sunday 21 May, 7:30pm

thanks Andy, and bob.

3:48 am  

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