Friday, May 19, 2006

No.54 - Eurovision 2006 Final - Vote Daz - Vote UK

Andy N Bob No.54 Well it now the time we have been all waiting for!! Its here, Tomorrow is the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 - The stage is set. we chat about the semi final from yesterday, who got Bood at?, (so awfull) who got through? and of course we cant for get Daz, Thanks for this link from Tigger, Tigger found a lot of new videos of Daz, including a really great interview of Daz on the Richard & Judy Show. Clips show Daz winning UK Eurovision 2006. Another video shows Daz later performing Teenage Life live on the Richard & Judy show. So all is left to say is GOOD LUCK DAZ!!!!!! We will be on Gizmo tomorrow evening from 7.30pm Uk time, Our username is ukbob1963, also MSN us at Feel free to comment, Email us or Visit our Website Take care XX Andy N Bob XX
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Blogger Zillafag said...

I am so excited that my band has made it..woo hoo!
As Andy has said it is time for a change and I am feeling much better about my bands chance.
I will be ready tommorow for the final and will be pissed by the end.
Chat ya tommorow!

6:37 am  

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