Sunday, May 21, 2006

No.55 - Eurovision Winner 2006 - Lordi From Finland!!

Andy N Bob No.55 In this podcast we talk about Finland winning the Eurovision Song Contest Final 2006 with the Hard Rock Group Lordi. Follow this link for Tigger's Lordi tribute. Well done to Lordi and Finland - a Great Song! We discuss the contest a little more and send our commiserations to Germany and also to Daz for the United Kingdom who did not deserve the final placing he got! Thank you to everyone who has listened to our eurovision pod casts and to everyone who has e-mailed us and joined in the fun. Same time, same place next year!!!Feel free to comment, Email us or Visit our Website Take care XX Andy N Bob XX
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Blogger StereoBalls said...

you can download all Eurovision 2006 songs from (direct link is

10:41 pm  
Blogger Tigger said...

Lordi gave a commanding performance at Eurovision 2006! I was very impressed. Congratulations Finland! You deserved the win. Very exciting to see Finland's first win in Eurovision. What a win it was.

Interesting enough, Lordi's win is getting a lot of press attention here in America. I have seen at least three reports on the news showing Lordi winning the Eurovision Song Contest. Each time I've seen a report, a reference has been made to the American Eurovision Song Contest that, I believe will be happening next year.

Daz...great job. You didn't deserve 19th place. I was hoping for a UK win.

Will 2007 Eurovision in Helsinki have a Halloween theme stage? I guess anything is possible.

Once again guys...GREAT JOB presenting all of the Eurovision casts. I know you both worked so hard. I really can appreciate all your work and effort. I can't wait until December. Of course, I really can't wait until I get to see it live (if not just the TV)

Tigz xoxoxo


11:13 pm  
Blogger Tigger said...

Oh please, please, PLEASE post another post, Bob!

I am SO SICK of seeing Lordi frozen in time at the tip of your blog. The image has been burned into my brain.

I can't stand it any more!

Dust off your podcasting cob webs and do a show.

luv yuz .:. Tigz

11:51 am  

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